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Amperfied Charger compact.lite

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The mobile 16 A charging station for your hybrid or electric vehicle

With this mobile solution, you always have a clever charging solution handy. You can not only use it for charging at home, but also conveniently on the go. We are excited to give you a brief overview of the Amperfied Charger compact.lite on this page.

Your advantages

at a glance

Europe-wide loading
Flexible use at home or on the road
No installation necessary
Maintenance-free and therefore without follow-up costs
Wallmount Compact as a useful accessory
Suitable for carports, garages and outdoor areas

The technical highlights of the mobile wallbox Amperfied Charger compact.lite

  • Europe-wide charging by connecting to a blue CEE 16 A socket.
  • The connection is made to 230 volts (single-phase).
  • The rated current is up to 16 A, the charging power up to 3.7 kW.
  • Installation is not necessary.
  • With the lockable wall bracket, lockable mounting is possible indoors and outdoors.
  • The length of the mobile wallbox is approx. 6 m.
  • Convinces with a low weight of approx. 2.8 kg.
  • Has numerous safety features: is, among other things, overrun and fall-proof.

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Mobile charging station

What it is and what it does

What is a mobile wallbox?

A mobile wallbox is not tied to a specific location – so it does not have to be installed in a garage, carport or parking spaces – and enables flexible charging on the move. All you have to do is plug the Charger compact.lite into the CEE 16 A socket that is widely used throughout Europe. A good mobile wallbox is lightweight and space-saving so that you can transport it easily. It is especially suitable for frequent drivers, travelers, campers or car repair shops that do not want to or simply cannot depend on the existing e-charging infrastructure.

No installation necessary

As a mobile charging station, the Amperfied Charger compact.lite does not need to be installed. The Type 2 charging cable can simply be connected to an existing CEE 16 A socket. There is also no need to set the amperage or charging power. The Charger compact.lite detects irregularities such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature.

Safe and robust

The type 2 charging cable of our mobile wallbox can only be removed when the plug is unlocked from the vehicle. With the lockable Wallmount Compact, you can securely attach the mobile wallbox to an indoor or outdoor wall. You can easily remove it again in a matter of seconds. If you’re clumsy and accidentally drive over the mobile charging station, that’s no problem either: The Amperfied Charger compact.lite is absolutely robust and impact- and drive-over-proof.

Save money with the mobile charging station

One advantage over a stationary wallbox is that the Charger compact.lite incurs no installation costs. A stationary wallbox always has to be installed by a professional contractor, and costs can vary depending on local conditions. In addition, the Charger compact.lite also allows you to charge using household electricity, which is cheaper compared to public charging stations. Another advantage: The mobile wallbox Amperfied Charger compact.lite is completely maintenance-free and does not incur any follow-up costs.

Can I charge at the standard Schuko socket?

You may have already read that you can also connect a mobile charging station to a regular Schuko socket using an adapter. But is that true? Well, in theory it is, but in practice you’ll have to live with limited charging power to avoid any safety risks. This is because Schuko sockets are only designed for a maximum charging power of 10 A (2.2 kW). If the charging power is higher, the risk of fire increases. Even an adapter does not change this. You would therefore not be able to use the possible 16 A charging power (3.7 kW) of the Amperfied Charger compact.lite.


Amperfied Charger compact.lite

Charging powerup to 3.7 kW
Rated voltage110 V – 240 V
Rated currentup to 16 A
Nominal frequency50 Hz – 60 Hz
Charging mode1-phase
Network typesTT/TN
Charging connector/couplerType 2
Total charging station length (m)6 m
Status informationLED display status
Protection ratingControl box protection class IP67
Protection class coupling:
– IP44 (with protective cap)
– IP24 (without protective cap)
Residual current detection≤ 30 mA AC; ≤ 6 mA DC
Safety functionsSelf test at start
Communicating charge monitoring to the vehicle
Monitoring of the protective conductor
Monitoring of relays
Overcurrent detection
Over- and undervoltage detection
Temperature monitoring IC-CPD
Oil resistant
Operating temperature range (°C)-25°C to +50°C

Within the operating temperature range, the charging current is permanently provided and
and reduced if the temperature is exceeded
Protection classI
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)Control box: 320 mm x 124 mm x 84 mm
Weightapprox. 2.8 kg (without packaging)
approx. 3.6 kg (with packaging)
Guidelines/Standards2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive),
2011/65/EU (RoHS) and 2015/863/EU,
EN 61851-1 (Conductive charging systems for electric vehicles),
EN 62752 (In-Cable Control and Protection Device),
EN 62196-1, EN 62196-2 (Plugs and couplers)
Useful accessoriesLockable Wallmount Compact for indoor and outdoor mounting

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