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Smart technology. Yes, everyone has heard that before. But what does that actually mean with regard to wallboxes? Well, first of all, every wallbox is theoretically a bit „smart“. After all, every charging station communicates with a car to a limited extent and doesn’t simply feed electricity into the battery of the electric or hybrid vehicle. But to really pass for a smart wallbox, it needs a bit more than that. We speak of a smart wallbox when the wallbox also communicates with other systems apart from the vehicle battery.

This includes, for example, a photovoltaic system via a home energy management system. But also control devices such as smartphones, via which you can monitor and control charging data in real time and start and stop charging processes remotely. Not forgetting, of course, the possibility of secure and always controllable access to the wallbox via RFID cards.

May we introduce? Our wallbox with app connection and RFID authentication which is especially suitable for smart, convenient charging at home. We have summarised everything you need to know for you.


The advantages of your

Smart wallbox with app and RFID

With the app, you can enjoy convenient control and diagnosis of the wallbox, anytime and anywhere.
Secure authorisation is carried out directly at the charging station via RFID card.
The smart wallbox can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician.
The wallbox is maintenance-free to the maximum and therefore has no follow-up costs.
You have a photovoltaic system? Connection to a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is possible.
The smart wallbox is suitable for carports, garages and outdoor areas.

Technical highlights of the smart Amperfied wallbox connect.home

  • Authorisation is via an RFID card.
  • WLAN and LAN connection are integrated.
  • The app makes it easy to control the wallbox and analyse the charging performance.
  • Additional configuration, control and diagnosis via a web interface is possible.
  • A connection to Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) is also possible.
  • Features a parking holder for charging plugs on the attached vehicle cable.
  • Flexible cable routing from below, behind or above for an attractive overall appearance.
  • The connection is made via the charging cable type 2.
  • The charging power is adjustable: e.g. 1.4 kW / 3.7 kW / 7.2 kW / 11 kW.

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Your wallbox with app control + RFID card

Things to know

Smart app control

You can control and monitor the Amperfied Wallbox connect.home easily and conveniently via our myAMPERFIED app – here for iOS and here for Android products. Your advantages:

  • You can start and control the charging process remotely.
  • You can reduce or increase the charging current at any time.
  • You have an overview of the current charging data at all times.
  • You can activate or deactivate the RFID cards of those users who are allowed to access your wallbox.
  • You benefit from an attractive design, intuitive user guidance and reliable support.

Access to the wallbox via RFID? What does that mean?

„Radio-Frequency Identification“ is what the letters „RFID“ stand for. In simplified terms: RFID enables the contactless exchange of data by means of electromagnetic waves at close range. When an RFID card is taught, access authorisations are stored in the wallbox that can be read by a reader via radio.

A reader and a transponder are required for data exchange using RFID technology to work. The RFID reader is already installed in our Amperfied Wallbox connect.home ex works. The RFID card takes over the function of the necessary transponder.

What advantage do you have with an RFID card for your wallbox?

Release management via RFID card is suitable for lovers of a tidy, clean appearance as well as for friends of a clever, fast and convenient everyday solution, because:

  • the RFID card allows you to specifically define who is authorised to charge. You can easily set this via the web interface or the app – for example via our myAMPERFIED app.
  • compared to other release methods or access restrictions – such as key switches – the RFID method is insensitive to contamination.
  • the reader in the Amperfied Wallbox connect.home is invisibly integrated in the wallbox and promotes a tidy overall appearance.
  • different data and thus various additional functions can be stored on the RFID card.
  • the reading speed of RFID technology is significantly faster than conventional methods.

You have a photovoltaic system and a home energy management system?

Then you will be pleased to read that you can link the smart Amperfied Wallbox connect.home with your Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and feed your wallbox with your own surplus electricity. The system only feeds as much solar power into the wallbox as is currently available. This not only protects the climate, but also your wallet.

Charging technology made in Germany

It is not only in the global printing industry that the HEIDELBERG brand impresses with the highest quality, but also with its wholly owned subsidiary Amperfied GmbH, which was founded in April 2022. It stands for smart charging technology made in Germany and claims to be a trustworthy and reliable partner on the road to the future of electromobility.


WALLBOX connect.home

RegulationsEN 61851-1:2019
EN 61439-7
Charging power mode 3up to 11 kW
Number of charging points1
Rated voltage230 V – 400 V
Rated currentup to 16 A adjustable from 6 A to 16 A in 2 A steps
Nominal frequency50 Hz
Charging mode1-, 2- or 3-phase
Net shapesTT/TN
Connection technologySpring clamp technology
Cable feed / cable entrySurface-mounted or flush-mounted / 9 to 17 mm
Connection cross-section1mm² to 10mm² – Solid conductor (rigid)
1mm² to 10mm² – Fine-stranded conductor (flexible)
1mm² to 6mm² – Fine-stranded conductor with ferrule (flexible)
The respective national regulations for installation must be observed.
Charging connection/couplingTyp 2
Charging cable length5.0 m or 7.5 m
DisplayStatus LED on the front
Authorisation and releaseRFID, App, Modbus, Enable input
Data interfacesRS485 / LAN / WLAN
WLANf = 2400 Mhz…
Communication protocolsModbus TCP
Load managementyes, as follower
Home Energy Managementyes, via Modbus
Protection classIP54
Residual current detection6mA DC cut-off according to IEC 62955, therefore an RCD TYPE A 30mA according to VDE 0100-722 or HD 60364-7-722 can be connected in series
Protection against mechanical shockIK08
Operating temperature range (°C)-25°C to +40°C
Temperature behaviourWithin the operating temperature range, the charging current is permanently provided. If the temperature is exceeded, the charging process is interrupted. After a cooling phase, the charging process is automatically restarted.
Storage temperature range (°C)-25°C to +80°C
Permissible relative humidity (%)5% to 95%
Altitude (m)Max. 2000 metres above sea level
Protection classI
Overvoltage categoryIII
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)462 mm x 345 mm x 142 mm
Weightapprox. 6.3 kg
MountingWall mounting or stele
Scope of deliveryWallbox, operating instructions, RFID cards

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