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The demand for electric vehicles will continue to increase enormously in the future and it will not be possible to avoid having to provide a wallbox for several users. Various aspects need to be taken into account here. For example, access control to prevent strangers from gaining access to the wallbox – identification via RFID card is popular and here we would like to refer to our Amperfied Wallbox connect.home. But the topic of load management will also become increasingly important if several users are provided with different charging points.

Why? Most buildings are not prepared for high charging capacities with their current electrical infrastructure. Without suitable load management, this can quickly lead to overloads in the power grid as well as rising load peaks and electricity prices. The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control provides a remedy and distributes the power optimally and precisely to up to 16 vehicles. It is therefore particularly suitable for, for example, company fleets, hotels, the catering trade or retail, which require an efficient charging infrastructure for several parking spaces.


Local load management for up to 16 wallboxes.
Suitable for apartment buildings as well as company and hotel car parks.
Connection to Home Energy Management (HEMS).
Your electrician can install the wallbox without any problems.
No follow-up costs, as maintenance-free.
Environmentally friendly and efficient use of electricity.

Technical highlights of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

  • Enables local load management from two networked Wallboxes.
  • A maximum of 16 wallboxes can be networked without any problems.
  • Has Modbus RTU for external load management control (e.g. via a HEMS).
  • Convinces with a high-quality, robust stainless steel front.
  • The rated current is adjustable from 6 to 16 amps.
  • Connection to 230 volts (single-phase) or 400 volts (three-phase).
  • With integrated residual current detection: DC 6 mA according to IEC62955.
  • Optional access control via switching element, e.g. RFID, key switch, etc.
  • Charging cable connection: Type 2.

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That’s what it means.

How the wallbox with integrated load management works

Basically, the power resources at a charging station are limited. At peak times – for example, when several hotel guests, restaurant visitors, employees or customers want to charge their electric and hybrid vehicles – this could theoretically become a problem and not all vehicles could be charged directly. This would cause frustration and discontent, which one would naturally like to avoid.

The solution: a load management system in the wallbox. It distributes the available charging energy to all vehicles to be charged. An example: In a car park with 10 charging stations and 5 charging vehicles, another vehicle is added. Without load management, newly added vehicle owners might have to wait until other vehicles release the charging energy to be able to charge themselves – the maximum possible charging energy would ultimately be occupied.

With load management, on the other hand, the wallbox is simply connected to the vehicle and the energy supply of the other wallboxes is distributed to the new vehicle. As soon as an e-car is fully charged, it is supplied with sufficient charging energy in standby mode – for example to continue operating the auxiliary heating or air conditioning system.

These load management options are possible with the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

With the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control, static and dynamic load management are possible – the latter, however, only in combination with the Heidelberg Combox Lite – are possible.

  • Static load management: Here, a fixed maximum charging power is distributed to the charging points.
  • Dynamic load management: Depending on the power consumption in the building, the power available for the charging stations can be flexibly adjusted up to the level of the grid connection power and distributed to electric and hybrid vehicles according to demand. For this control, the Heidelberg Combox Lite is connected to the backend via OCPP 1.6. The information on the maximum charging current is passed on to the Combox Lite via the LAN interface and distributed to the wallboxes that are currently charging a vehicle.


Example: 5 wallboxes

Example 22 kW for 5 wallboxes – load management when charging ends

The wallbox for efficient and sustainable charging

Connect the wallbox to your PV system

Do you have a photovoltaic system and a Home Energy Management System, a so-called HEMS? The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can be easily connected to this system via Modbus RTU. In this way, you can use your own surplus electricity from the PV system to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle. At the same time, the system only feeds as much solar power into the wallbox as is currently available. This is twice as easy on the climate as it is on your wallet.

The wallbox for several users in an apartment building

With its integrated load management system, the wallbox is ideal for the apartment building, as it enables the simultaneous and on-demand charging of up to 16 electric or hybrid vehicles. However, on the subject of charging infrastructure in apartment buildings, the question of the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords with regard to the installation of charging solutions often arises. Generally speaking, the path to a wallbox in an apartment building is not quite as uncomplicated as in a single-family home. However, the legislator has done a lot to ensure that the path to a charging option in a multi-apartment building is nevertheless as simple as possible.

Charging technology made in Germany

For more than 170 years, the HEIDELBERG brand has stood for quality and sustainability in the global printing industry. But we also convince as a brand for wallboxes and charging columns with innovative, customer-oriented solutions. We have given this commitment, which has been in place since 2014, a name: Amperfied.

The wholly owned subsidiary founded in April 2022 stands for smart charging technology made in Germany and aims to be a trustworthy and reliable partner on the road to the future of electromobility.

Technical data


RegulationsEN61851-1; EN61439-7
Charging capacityadjustable up to 11 kW
Rated voltage230 V – 400 V
Rated currentup to 16 A (adjustable from 6 A to 16 A in 2 A increments)
Rated frequency50 Hz
Charging mode1-, 2- or 3-phase
Network typesTT/TN
Connection technologySpring clamp technology (2.5 mm² to 6 mm²)
Cable entrySurface or flush-mounted – 9 to 17 mm
Connection cross section1 mm² to 10 mm² – Single-wire conductor (rigid)
1 mm² to 10 mm² – Finely stranded conductor (flexible)
1 mm² to 6 mm² – Finely stranded conductor with wire end ferrule (flexible)
The relevant national installation regulations must be observed.
Charging connector/couplerType 2
Charging cable length (m)5 m / 7,5 m
StatusinformationFront lighting
Data interfacesRS485/ModBus RTU
External release/blocking of the wallboxExternal RFID module, key switch, ripple control signal mains-supplied charging
(maximum charging current/reduced charging 8A) or via Modbus RTU.
Protection ratingIP54 (splashproof)
Residual current detection6mA DC in accordance with IEC62955
Protection against mechanical impactIK08
Operating temperature range (°C)–25°C to +40°C
Temperature behaviourThe charging current is made available permanently within the operating temperature range. If the temperature is exceeded, the charging process is interrupted. The charging process than restarts automatically following a cooling period.
Storage temperature range (°C)–25 °C to +80 °C
Permissible relative humidity (%)5 % to 95 %
Altitude (m)Max. 3000 metres above sea level
Protection classI
Overvoltage categoryIII
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)386 mm × 295 mm × 112 mm
WeightApprox. 8 kg


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