AC charging station 22 kW


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The charging station for public and semi-public spaces

Smart charging on the road? From now on, this is possible everywhere: whether for the company fleet, the customer car park or on public roads. Let's take a look at the advantages of this 22 kW charging station together? We have summarised everything you need to know below, but we are also available for a personal discussion.

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For commercial use

Simultaneous supply of two vehicles
Possibility to connect to backend software
Simple installation and configuration
Integrated load management
Barrier-free design for users with limited mobility
Robust, safe and reliable construction for continuous use

The highlights of the Amperfied connect.public

  • Simultaneous charging of two electric or hybrid vehicles with up to 22 kW per charging point.
  • Low installation effort due to optional TAB-compliant house connection box and meter measuring field.
  • Authentication via RFID cards, app or QR code.
  • Legally compliant billing due to conformity with calibration law.
  • 10-inch color display for intuitive operation.
  • Contactless payment with HecPay terminal.
  • Data connection via LTE or LAN.
  • Integrated dynamic load management (DLM).
  • Backend integration via OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (JSON/SOAP).
  • Customizable wrapping in customer design.

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Starting the charging process

Insert the plug into the grey ring and turn it approx. 60 degrees to the left.

Hold the RFID charging card in front of the identification field. The charging process is started.

Stopping the charging process

Open the vehicle. The charging process is stopped.

Remove the plug from the socket.

The advantages of the AC charging station with 22 kW charging power

The advantages for users

Up to 2 vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the charging station. The large color display enables intuitive operation and a convenient overview.

In addition, a barrier-free design ensures easy access for users with limited mobility.

The charging process is completed in just a few steps and payment is quick and easy thanks to the HecPay terminal.

HecPay: Contactless and secure payment

With HecPay, users can start their charging processes without cash by credit or debit card or mobile payment. The large touch display, a physical pinpad and a digital receipt output allow intuitive and convenient operation.

Charging point operators can look forward to low investment and operating costs, as a single HecPay terminal controls any number of charging points. Another advantage is the stable housing and robust touch display for reliable outdoor use.

Retrofitting existing charging points is also no problem, as HecPay supports common OCPP backends and can therefore be easily integrated into existing charging infrastructure. All HecPay terminals can be managed and controlled via a modern SaaS solution.

Further advantages for charging station operators

Thanks to an optional integrated mains connection box and meter measuring field, the charging station can be connected directly to the distribution network and there is no need to erect an additional costly connection box. At the same time, it convinces with a robust, secure construction that reliably protects against vandalism and prevents unpleasant follow-up costs.

Thanks to the integrated dynamic load management, the power available at the grid connection can be distributed to up to 250 charging points. Thanks to the possibility of integrating an external electricity meter, external loads such as electricity consumption in the building can be taken into account. This way, your customers always charge with the best power.

Via OCPP 1.5 or OCPP 1.6, the charging station can be connected to any software backend and billed. The connection is made simply via the integrated mobile modem or the LAN connection. The eye also charges: The attractive design of the charging station strengthens the general appearance and at the same time offers the possibility of individual foiling to increase the recognition value.

The charging station is compliant with calibration law: But what does that actually mean?

Since 01.04.2019, electric power at public charging stations in Germany may only be billed if the requirements of the calibration law are met. This is to ensure that the amount of energy billed is correct and transparent. It must always be clear to users:

  • how much electrical energy they have drawn
  • and how much time the charging process took.

In addition, the transmission of the measured values from the charging station to the backend must be evidence-proof and comply with data protection regulations. With the transparency software of S.A.F.E eV, users have the possibility to check the validity of the digitally signed measured values of the charging processes and to ensure that the invoiced values have not been manipulated by third parties.

These requirements are based on the Measurement and Calibration Act (MessEG), the Measurement and Calibration Ordinance (MessEV) and the Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV). The Amperfied connect.public fulfils all requirements for charging in compliance with calibration law.

A 22 kW charging station with outstanding connectivity

A charging station would be nothing without a reliable and high-quality charge controller. As the heart of every smart charging station, a charge controller communicates with the vehicle and the backend, monitors the internal hardware of the charging system, the user interfaces and the connection from the charging station to the vehicle. We at AMPERFIED are pleased that we were able to implement an innovative and reliable product with the latest generation of intelligent charge controllers - the CC613 from Bender GmbH.

Bender GmbH is a valued partner whose charge controller technology has already been able to convince in over 20 commercial backends and, among other things, guarantees a high level of connectivity (EEBus, ISO 15118, OCPP 1.6) and enables overarching dynamic load management.

With the charging station, electric and hybrid vehicles charge quickly

The Amperfied connect.public is an AC charging station that enables convenient, fast charging with alternating current with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. Higher charging powers are required at motorway service stations, for example. These charging stations (with up to 350kW) are DC charging stations (direct current).

Compared to AC charging stations, these are significantly more expensive and place a much greater demand on the electricity grid. Therefore, AC charging stations are often the better choice for locations where the car is parked for longer periods of time (e.g. at restaurants, shopping centers or public parking areas).



Mounting typeBolted connection into foundation
MaterialsAluminum, stainless steel, galvanized
sheet metal
CoatingDB 703 powder coating
Dimensions (H x W x D)1,413 x 455 x 379/528 mm
WeightApprox. 86 kg
Display dimensions10" (1,280 x 800 px)
Counter meter panelVDE-AR-N 4100
LockDual pivoted lever with dual
lock in accordance with VDEAR-
N 4100
Number of charging points2
Charging connectionsType 2 (IEC 62196)
Output voltage400 V
Max. charging current3 x 32 A each
Max. charging power22 kW each
MCB32 A, 3-pole, C characteristic including
state signalling contact
RCCBFault current circuit breaker,
type A, 30 mA
including status notification
RCMBDC fault detection < 6 mA
Energy meterDZG three-phase current meter,
accuracy class B
Installation protection' 4-pole
Ambient temperature-25°C to +50°C
Permitted relative humidity5% to 95%, non-condensing
Temperature range for storage/
-25°C to +80°C
Protection classI
Overvoltage categoryIII
Type of protectionIP54 (protected against water
Mechanical protectionIK 10
Internal consumption32.2 W
ProtocolOCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (JSON, SOAP)
Status informationDisplay, LED
AuthenticationRFID (Mifare Classic, Desfire EV
2 and additional 13.56 MHz RFID
Number of simultaneous
Max. 2
(local charging management)
InterfacesUSB config
USB host
Ethernet RJ-45 (LAN)
Mobile communications2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE),
3G (UMTS) & 4G (LTE) (micro SIM)
StandardsISO 15118
SupplyMax. 5 x 95 mm²
Rated voltage230 V - 400 V
Rated frequency50 Hz AC
Overvoltage protectionType 1 + 2 + 3 combined lightning current and surge arrester
Charging modeMode 3 (EN61581-1)
Directives2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive Measurement and Calibration Ordinance
Calibration Law ConformityEN 50470-1; EN 50470-3
REA document 6-A, PTB-A 50.7
Miscellaneous regulationsAlso with accessible design for users with
limited mobility as per DIN 18040-3
Power consumption (TNC,
Max. 44 kW (grading possible)
Current (TNC, TNS)Max. 63 A
Junction boxAs per norms of standard series EN 61439
Applied standardsEN 61851-1; EN 61851-21-2
EN 61851-22; EN 61439-7;
EN 50364; EN 62311;
ETSI EN 300 328 V2.2.2;
ETSI EN 300 330 V2.1.1;
ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3;
ETSI EN 301 489-3 V2.2.0
ETSI EN 301 489-17 V.3.2.4
Specific for Amperfied connect.public with electric service pane
Power consumption (TNC,
Max. 30.4 kW (grading possible)
Current (TNC, TNS)Max. 44 A
Integrated counter metering
Counter metering field in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4100
- Without meter panel termination point (exception in
section 12.3.2 VDE-AR-N 4100), communication through
integrated controller.
- Without selective electric cutout - exception as per section 12.5 of VDE-AR-N 4100.
Integrated electric service
Electric service panel as per DIN 43627; 3x NH00 protection;
housing protection rating IP54; protection class II; separator
device to customer system as per VDE 0100-530
Applied standardsEN 61851-1; EN 61851-21-2
EN 61851-22; EN 61439-7;
EN 50364; EN 62311;
ETSI EN 300 328 V2.2.2;
ETSI EN 300 330 V2.1.1;
ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3;
ETSI EN 301 489-3 V2.2.0
ETSI EN 301 489-17 V.3.2.4
VDE-AR-N 4100


All over the world, major car brands and electrical companies have been relying on the performance of our charging technologies for many years. You too can rely on us!


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