The advantages of a wallbox

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Forget normal power sockets! For charging an electric or hybrid vehicle, wallboxes offer many persuasive advantages:

Advantage 1: Wallboxes are safer

Anyone who charges an electric or hybrid vehicle via a conventional household socket subjects this socket to a constant load. Particularly when the current intensity is over 10 amperes, the risk of fire increases. Here the wallbox comes into play. It is designed to supply e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids with the full charging current constantly, provided that it has been professionally installed. Additionally, the normatively specified safeguarding of wallboxes with residual current circuit breakers offers extra personal and fire protection. HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED wallboxes meet all the protection requirements stipulated in product standard EN 61851-1 and thus offer maximum safety for you, your family and your property.

Advantage 2: Wallboxes charge faster

One thing is certain: Charging an electric or hybrid vehicle with a wallbox takes significantly less time than with a normal plug. The maximum energy that can be provided consistently via a household plug is less than 2.3 kW. While charging in this case takes 11 hours, with an 11 kW wallbox the vehicle is ready to go after only 6 hours. 11 kW wallboxes only need to be registered at the energy supplier; their operation does not require approval (applies to Germany, regulations in other countries may differ).

Advantage 3: Wallboxes are more convenient

Is the next public charging station too far away? Or is a charging station once again not available? The public charging infrastructure in Germany is making progress, but it is still a patchwork. The alternative? A wallbox at home: This makes it possible to charge in your carport or garage, completely independent of outside influences.

Advantage 4: Wallboxes are attractively priced

With a wallbox you can charge your electric or hybrid vehicle much more economically than at public charging stations, which are usually expensive. Home charging is done at the same rate as your household electricity. If you have a favorable rate with your energy provider, that much better. Meanwhile, energy suppliers/network operators are also offering special electricity rates with more economical electricity for charging cars. Here the network operator must, for example, be granted access to the wallbox for temporary reduction of the charging capacity. HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED Wallboxes offer this access with a configurable interface. Of course, at the same time you also have option of charging your vehicle with electricity you have generated yourself (e.g. with a photovoltaic system). In this case your expenditures will be significantly reduced.

Advantage 5: Wallboxes are eligible for subsidies

The attractiveness of the price is increased even further by various subsidy options. There are many options that vary according to federal state, community and energy producer.

Advantage 6: Wallboxes are future proof and environmentally friendly

E-mobility is making progress and is constantly bringing changes with it. Our wallboxes are so sophisticated that they will not have to be replaced after one or two years. Robust and reliable, they will accompany your vehicle for its entire life cycle. This also protects the environment and valuable resources. If the wallbox is combined with a photovoltaic system and the vehicle is charged with green electricity, you protect the environment twice over, because you do not generate any CO2 emissions while driving and you charge your car with green energy.


Around the world, for many years large auto brands and electrical companies have put their trust in the performance of our charging technologies. You can also rely on us!


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