Wallboxes for residential buildings


Charging electric and hybrid vehicles with your own wallbox: This often runs smoothly for owners of a single family home or terraced house. But what happens when the residential building is in the middle of the city? Or large blocks of flats or underground car parks are to be equipped with charging stations? After all, many renters also want to be e-mobile in the city. As a property company, project development or property management company, with AMPERFIED you can invest in the e-mobile future. We have the right charging solutions for new buildings and existing residential properties. 16 charging stations in an underground car park? No problem. We make optimal use of existing network connections, use load management to prevent peak loads, and plan the optimal charging structure together with you.

Our services

for residential buildings

Wallboxes and charging stations
Easy mounting and installation according
to the plug-and-play principle
Intelligent control via Combox
Load management
Local load management already from two networked wallboxes
Individual concepts, mediation of installation partners plus consultation about subsidy programmes

Good to know:

EV charging for rented flats.

Until recently renters had no opportunity to install a wallbox if the owner did not cooperate. However, since 1 December 2020 the new German Condominium Act (WEG) has been in effect. Now renters also have a free hand to charge their electric or hybrid vehicles. For this purpose, the landlord must advocate for the installation of the charging station in the meeting of owners. The landlord can only refuse to consent for justified reasons (e.g. conversion costs are too high due to the electricity routing). And the costs for the installation of a wallbox? These are normally borne by the renter.


The options.

Give your renters the opportunity to charge their electric cars at home in addition to the public charging network. As an owner or developer, AMPERFIED charging technologies also give you many options for billing in multi-party buildings:

Option 1: Billing via RFID charging card
For this purpose your renter receives an RFID card, which can be used as a charging card. The good thing about this: Other users can also charge their electric or hybrid car with their own RFID card. This is ideal when not all parking places are to be equipped with a wallbox.

Option 2: Own electricity meter
Here an extra meter is installed between the wallbox and the power supply, which is assigned to the respective household and functions normally via the electricity billing.

Option 3: Billing directly via the wallbox software
With the Wallbox connect.home it is possible to check exactly how much electricity is flowing at any time. Multiple users can also be activated very easily. And the billing? No problem! In the future, this will also be possible with the myAMPERFIED app. Alternatively, this also works via IT backend solutions.


load management

Thanks to the local load management of the Wallbox Energy Control, multiple networked charging stations can distribute electricity to up to 16 electric or hybrid vehicles. In this way, rapid charging with pinpoint accuracy is possible, while peak loads are prevented and the safety of your electrical installation is ensured.

More about load management

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