For the climate, for us: The CLIMATE Wallbox

We know

No future without climate protection
At AMPERFIED , we are committed to clean mobility and an emissions-free future. There is still a long way to go, but until then we will leave no stone unturned to make our contribution to climate protection.

We promise

Support out of conviction
If CO₂ emissions cannot be avoided in the production of our wallboxes, we offset our CO₂ footprint by supporting selected climate protection projects.

We act

And don't just talk about it. Are you part of it?
We support reforestation in Panama and you can also make your contribution by purchasing our CLIMATE wallboxes.

We guarantee

Transparency through manufacturing in Germany
Thus, we have a direct influence on resource-saving manufacturing and pay attention to recyclability in the selection of materials.

Panama: CO2OL Tropical Mix climate protection project

It is one of the first reforestation projects to be certified with the Gold Standard for land use and forestry projects, and rightly so. With the help of native tree species, land used for cattle breeding and degraded is successfully reforested and gradually converted into mixed forests. To protect biodiversity, these measures promote sustainable timber production and environmentally friendly cocoa cultivation to restore a healthy forest ecosystem. Even more: the sustainable management of the (cocoa) forests creates long-term jobs, enables the constructive exchange of knowledge with the local population and creates a future with beautiful prospects. For us at AMPERFIED , supporting this great action is a matter of the heart and you can also make a contribution by purchasing the Climate Wallbox.

Isn't that greenwashing? 

A fair question. If we were to useCO2 compensation to give an unchanged "dirty" product or service a green coat of paint, you could accuse us of "greenwashing" and quite rightly criticize us. But we have a clear vision: We want to become the technology leader for an emission-free and livable future. Our mission is therefore green from the ground up - regardless ofCO2 compensation. If we now compensate theCO2 footprint of certain charging stations, this is an honest step on the way to emission-free mobility. 

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Our CLIMATE wallboxes

Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco climate

No matter whether this CLIMATE wallbox is installed for the garage, carport, parking space or free-standing or wall-mounted: The e-vehicle charges quickly, maximally energy-efficiently and economically. It is quickly installed, intuitive to operate and impresses with a special green look in the already attractive design. While the vehicle charges quickly, the purchase of the Home Eco supports the slow but steady recovery of forest stands in Panama.

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control climate

It is the optimal solution for charging multiple electric and hybrid vehicles quickly and easily. This CLIMATE wallbox with integrated load management connects up to 16 vehicles and is therefore suitable, among other things, for apartment buildings, the catering industry or hotel parking lots that rely on energy-efficient and therefore economical charging solutions. If you then also know that you are supporting a great environmental project with the purchase of this wallbox, you can be especially satisfied.

Did you know?

Germany wants to become climate-neutral by 2045. And because electric vehicle owners are making an important contribution to an emission-free, livable future, they are being rewarded. With a whopping €400 GHG bonus.

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