Intelligent control and networking of wallboxes

The Combox Lite communicates with up to 16 Heidelberg Energy Control wallboxes, networks them, and thus controls local load management. With the Combox Complete also the dynamic load management of the entire fleet. The user-friendly software monitors and analyzes the wallboxes and charging processes securely and intuitively. The current charging status or fault diagnoses can also be viewed at any time. The Combox Lite is a control unit that can be installed directly in the base cabinet or control cabinet. 

Intelligent control and

Networking wallboxes

Intelligent control for local and dynamic load management
Simple and intuitive monitoring and analysis of the charging process
Problem-free connection to the backend (via OCPP 1.6)
Display of the current charging status and diagnostic data
User-friendly software incl. updates
High-quality manufacturing according to the zero-defect principle

Technical highlights of the Combox Lite

  • It networks up to 16 wallboxes (Heidelberg Energy Controls) and controls local and dynamic load management (with Combox Complete).
  • The connection is made to 230 volts.
  • When connected to a backend (via OCPP 1.6), it has a web interface for monitoring and analyzing the wallboxes, charging processes (remote) and diagnostic data.
  • Central installation of software updates for the connected wallbox network.

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Static load management with the Heidelberg Combox Lite

The Combox Lite communicates as a control unit with up to 16 Heidelberg Energy Control wallboxes and networks them in a user-friendly manner. As soon as the maximum grid connection capacity of the building is stored in the web interface of the Combox Lite , the total current is distributed on a parity basis. The Combox Lite is installed directly in the subdistribution board or installation distribution board.

Dynamic load management with the Heidelberg Combox Complete

Heidelberg Combox Complete is a simple solution for dynamic load management. The bundle consists of a Combox Lite, a measuring device, a communication module, and measuring current transformers. The user-friendly software monitors and analyzes the wallboxes and charging processes securely and intuitively. The web interface of Combox Lite provides you with a status and diagnostic overview as well as access to the charging process at any time.

At the same time, you can distribute necessary software updates centrally to the wallbox network. The current charging charging status or diagnosed errors can be viewed at any time. The implemented OCPP 1.6 application protocol enables connection to a cloud-based backend system. This gives you remote access to the charging infrastructure at any time and from anywhere (e.g. via an app).

This is how it works

The dynamic load management

  • A building's current power consumption is measured at the grid connection, which adjusts the available
    total charging power accordingly.
  • If the power consumption in the building drops, the vehicles charge with higher charging power - and vice versa.
    For this control, the Combox Lite can be connected to a measuring device that measures the
    power consumption in the building.
  • Via the LAN interface, the information of the maximum charging current is forwarded to the Combox Lite
    and distributed to the corresponding wallboxes that are currently charging a vehicle
  • Advantage: Avoidance of load peaks and thus high costs for exceeding the network capacity


Combox Lite + Combox Complete

Rated voltage230 V / 1 AC
Rated current0,5 A
Nominal frequency50 Hz
Net shapesTT/TN
Status information2 LEDs on the front of the gateway module (status and power)
Protection classInstallation in housing (min. IP54)
Protection against mechanical shock-
Operating temperature range (°C)-25 to +40
Permissible relative humidity (%)20 - 90
Protection classII
Overvoltage categoryII
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)200 × 65 × 130
Weight (kg)approx. 0.4


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