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Paying at the charging station? Your options and what you need to watch out for

Have you bought an electric car or are you thinking about it? Then you're probably wondering how you can charge your vehicle on the road and pay at the charging station. Don't worry, it's not that complicated. At most public charging stations, you can use charging cards and apps to quickly and easily fill up and pay for electricity. But it's about to get even easier: From July 2024, all new charging stations in Germany must allow payment by debit or credit card. Here you can find out everything about charging and paying at public charging stations as well as the upcoming card terminal obligation. 

With Combox Complete to dynamic load management for small and medium-sized properties

You want to charge several electric vehicles at the same time without overloading your home installation or having to make expensive retrofits? Then you need a load management system. In this blog post, we explain how you can use the Heidelberg Combox Complete to implement simple and affordable dynamic load management for small and medium-sized properties such as apartment buildings, commercial enterprises or hotels. The Combox Complete networks several Heidelberg Energy Control wallboxes and controls them intelligently, always dynamically adjusting the charging power to the current amount of electricity.

A conversation with partners: Amperfied GmbH and Bender on the charging station cooperation

Our charging station Amperfied Chargespot connect.public for public spaces would be nothing without a reliable and high-quality charge controller. As the heart of every smart charging station, it communicates with the vehicle and the backend, monitors the internal hardware of the charging system, the user interfaces, and the connection from the charging station to the vehicle. We spoke with the team from Bender and Amperfied GmbH to get to the bottom of this successful partnership.

E-charging station, underground parking, fire protection: Is the electric car in the underground parking a fire hazard?

Electric vehicle and fire protection in underground garages of apartment buildings, businesses or in public? For some people, that doesn't quite add up. There are still many myths surrounding parking and charging electric cars in underground garages.

Does the charging station or wallbox have to comply with calibration law?

What calibration-compliant charging means, which requirements have to be met, where the advantages are and how we can support you: Here we have compiled the most important questions and answers on the subject of "calibration-compliant charging" for you.

Wallbox promotion in Munich

Since April 1, 2023, there is a new state subsidy for wallboxes in Bavaria, or more precisely Munich. We have compiled all the information you need for the application for you here.

Which connection does a wallbox need?

To ensure that everything runs smoothly when connecting the wallbox, we have summarized some important information for you. We explain why you should use a wallbox, how important the house connection value is and what single-phase current and high voltage current mean.

Install a wallbox with 11 kW? What you need to pay attention to

You want to install a charging station for the electric car at home? You wonder which requirements you have to meet for the installation of your 11 kW wallbox?

Mobile charging station or permanently installed wallbox?

With a portable charging station like the new Amperfied Charger compact.lite you can charge your electric car all over Europe at any blue CEE-16A socket (the so-called "camping socket"). But is such a portable charging station suitable as a replacement for a traditional stationary wallbox like the Amperfied Wallbox connect.home ?

Load management in electromobility

If you want to install not one, but several wallboxes or charging stations, you will come across the term "load management". But how does load management work in electromobility and what is the difference between static load management, dynamic load management and schedule-based load management?

wbec for Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control.

Wallboxes from HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED can communicate with other systems via different interfaces. In the case of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control , it is Modbus RTU. It is important to us to document these interfaces so well that developers can build on them and thus get even more out of our hardware.

The way to your own charging station in the apartment building

In an apartment building, the path to your own wallbox is not quite as simple as in a single-family home. To make it as easy as possible (or less difficult) to get to a charging station in an apartment building, the legislator has done a few things in recent years.

HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED at Light + Building 2022

We can hardly wait to show you our new Amperfied Wallbox connect.home live at the beginning of October - at the Light + Building Autumn Edition, which will take place in Frankfurt am Main from October 2 to 6, 2022. But it's not just our smart wallbox with app connection and RFID authorization that will be on display at our booth (Hall 12.1, B67) at the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building technology.

Why a CO₂-compensated wallbox is not greenwashing

"CO₂-neutral" or "CO₂-compensated" - hardly any product today is perceived to be without a corresponding sticker. HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED is no exception and now offers CO2-compensated wallboxes: Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco climate and Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control climate. But what does CO₂-compensated actually mean?

Promotion campaigns in Austria for private individuals and companies

You live in Austria and are thinking about buying a charging station for your electric car or plug-in hybrid? Then now is the best opportunity to do so!

Is the GHG quota tax-free?

With the GHG quota, you as the owner:in of a purely battery-powered vehicle sell your saved CO₂ emissions - for example via HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED and "Geld für eAuto". In some cases, the proceeds are even tax-free.

11 kW or 22 kW wall box?

How many kilowatts (kW) does a wall charging station have to have for charging at home? You may be asking yourself this question if you are about to purchase a wallbox. When it comes to the charging station in the driveway or garage at home, the charging power only plays a minor role. Here are 4 reasons for a wallbox with 11 instead of 22 kilowatts (kW).




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