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A cooperation with "Money for eAuto

Sounds good? It is. Not only for you and your wallet, but also for our environment. In cooperation with our partner "Geld für eAuto" we make it possible. You might be wondering now what the GHG quota actually is and how the whole procedure works. Don't worry, it's easy as pie and with just a few steps you'll be 225 € richer.

Note: The deadline for applying for the GHG quota has been set by the federal government to 15.11 of the year of application - and not 15.02 of the following year as before.

The GHG ratio explains

Germany wants to become climate-neutral by 2045. To achieve this goal, the German parliament has set out various measures. For example, since 2015, mineral oil companies in the EU have been legally obliged to reduce their GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by a certain percentage, on an annual basis. These GHG savings are summarized in so-called quotas and result from the difference in the respective CO₂ equivalents of the fuels used compared to a fossil reference value. The goal? To make climate-friendly mobility more affordable and attractive. And this is where you come in: Because as an electric car driver you are actively helping to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions, since the beginning of 2022 you have been able to certify the CO₂ savings of your e-vehicle and sell it to companies subject to quotas. Important to know: Plug-in hybrids are excluded because they can also be fueled with fossil fuel.

Your advantages with the GHG quota

While owners of combustion vehicles spend more and more money on refueling, you will earn €225 as the owner of an e-vehicle in 2023. This is a reward for your contribution to clean mobility and an emission-free, livable future. Because you save CO₂ emissions with every trip. A lot of effort for you? No. In cooperation with our partner "Geld für eAuto" (Money for eCars), we take care of the submission, the application to the Federal Environment Agency and customs, the bundling of the CO₂ certificates, and the sale to the oil companies. All you have to do is enter a few details and you're ready to go. 

By the way: The 225 are a guaranteed price. You can even earn up to 380 € with the so-called risk price and an express payout of up to 175 € is also possible. You can find more information here.

Do your friends also drive an electric vehicle? Then the private friends bonus is certainly also interesting for you. Here you can currently earn €35 for each person you refer.

What requirements do you have to meet?

The most important requirement is that you are the registered owner of a purely battery-powered vehicle or have been authorized by the owner to apply for GHG quota certification. This applies to private cars, company cars and electric fleets, as well as e-transporters (e.g. N1), electric buses (e.g. M3) and e-trucks. Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, are excluded from the GHG premium. The value "electric" in field P.3 of your vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate part 1) is decisive for the certification of your GHG quota. Evidence of actual use, for example how many kilometers are driven per year or which electricity mix is used to charge the e-vehicle at home, is not required. The GHG quota can only be applied for once a year.

Important. Due to the recent decision of the Federal Government to set the deadline for the application of the GHG quota to 15.11 of the year of application - and not to 15.02 of the following year as before - you should not take too long with the application.

Only 5 steps to your THG premium

1. visit our cooperation partner "Money for eAuto".

2. register.

Upload the front and back of your vehicle registration document.

4. our cooperation partner checks your documents and submits them to the Federal Environmental Agency.

5. you will receive your premium within 6-12 weeks.

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