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Are you a fleet manager, project manager for setting up charging infrastructure or building manager? Are you looking for a reliable partner who will support you step by step in setting up your charging infrastructure for electric vehicles?

We offer individual, modularly expandable complete solutions according to your requirements.


Plan and expand the optimal controllable charging infrastructure

Needs analysis to define the common goals and objectives for a successful project.
Performability analysis on site to evaluate the technical requirements.
Project conception & installation including compilation of service components.
Complete operational management via us, transparent communication of all data.
Service & Support including annual DGUV V3 maintenance inspection.

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Our products

Amperfied Chargespot connect.public

The barrier-free charging pole for public and semi-public spaces

  • Accessible design
  • Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles with up to 22 kW per charging point
  • Low installation effort due to optional TAB-compliant house junction box and meter measuring field
  • Authentication via RFID cards, app or QR code.
  • Legally compliant billing due to compliance with calibration law
  • Contactless payment with HecPay terminal
  • Integrated dynamic load management (DLM)
  • Individualisable foiling in customer design

Amperfied Wallbox

with MID meter and optional load management. Ideal for billing the company car

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • Integrated MID counter for precise recording of charging consumption
  • Exportable charging log
  • Mobile control via the myAMPERFIED app – click here for the app
  • Authorisation via RFID
  • Web interface for additional configuration, control and monitoring
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System possible
  • optional with load management

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

The load management solution

Also as CLIMATE variant

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • With local and dynamic load management (with Combox Lite + Complete) for up to 16 wallboxes
  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Attractive design with stainless steel front
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System (HEMS) possible



  • Networks up to 16 wallboxes (Heidelberg Energy Controls) and controls local and dynamic load management (with Combox Complete)
  • When connected to a backend (via OCPP 1.6), it has a web interface for monitoring and analysing the wallboxes, charging processes (remote) and diagnostic data
  • Central installation of software updates for the connected wallbox network

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We regularly publish webinars to give an overview of the challenges in electromobility and how we optimally support with innovative charging solutions.

Charging infrastructures for companies

With the right checklist to the charging infrastructure of the future

Needs analysis

Optimal planning of the charging infrastructure requires preparation, structure and a clear goal in mind. Therefore, we first sit down together remotely and discuss the following points, among others:

  • What goals are you pursuing with your charging infrastructure?
  • What wishes and requirements do you have for us?
  • are all the necessary prerequisites for setting up the charging infrastructure in place?
  • what challenges do we possibly face?
  • what are the respective role distributions in the future project?
  • has contact already been made with an energy supplier?
  • have subsidies already been applied for or considered?
After the successful conversation, you order a pre-check. In the course of this, we personally inspect your location with one of our technicians.


To avoid unpleasant surprises in the course of the project, we clarify the basic technical and organisational requirements on site.

Typically, we visit you within 10 working days after the needs analysis and clarify:

  • how much charging power is available at the property.
  • what the best cable routes are.
  • what the fire protection must look like.
  • which trades need to be involved.
  • Whether the concept is optimally aligned with the needs of the current and future vehicle fleet situation. In this way, we want to avoid unnecessary charging infrastructure costs.
  • which tax framework conditions apply and which subsidy measures come into question.
After successful completion, we are only waiting for the energy supplier to provide all the information. Once done, you can expect a first concept and offer within 5 working days.

Project conception & installation

Our offer has convinced you? Then let’s get started, taking the following aspects into account:

  • The needs-based installation: We install the hardware and software suitable for your needs and for the overall concept.

    For optimal use of the available connection capacities, your charging solution will have static or dynamic load management with freely configurable load limits.
  • Avoiding a cost explosion: An economical charging infrastructure also needs cost-efficient installations. Therefore, we will already technically prepare for a potentially further expansion of the charging infrastructure during the initial installation. Cost-intensive and complicated subsequent installations are thus avoided.

    For this purpose, we bundle all processes in order to use synergies and, for example, avoid additional travel. This is another reason why we work with partners all over Germany to ensure fast and uncomplicated processing at all times.
  • The legal situation: We always work in accordance with the legal regulations.
  • Avoid long cable runs: These lead to power losses and higher, costly material requirements during installation.
  • Training of our employees and partners: because this is the only way we can optimally design our processes and implement everything to your satisfaction.

Complete operational management including service & support

If you wish, we can also take care of this completely. We communicate all relevant data transparently at all times.

If you wish, we will carry out an annual DGUV V3 inspection to maintain your charging infrastructure. In addition, we offer comprehensive service and support in the event of a failure or replacement of your charging stations.

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