Tapping into a new guest segment with the right charging infrastructure

Are you looking for an efficient, economical and attractive charging solution for hotels and gastronomy? We will find the right solutions for your individual requirements. Together, we ensure satisfied guests who rely on the growth market of electric mobility now and in the future.

We take care of the planning, installation as well as the service and support for the charging infrastructure of your hotel or restaurant. Interest aroused? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


For the charging infrastructure of hotels & restaurants

Needs analysis to define the common goals for a successful project.
Performability analysis on site to evaluate the technical requirements.
Project conception & installation including compilation of service components.
Complete operational management via us, transparent communication of all relevant data.
Service & Support including annual DGUV V3 maintenance inspection.

Our products

Amperfied Chargespot connect.public

The barrier-free charging pole for public and semi-public spaces

  • Accessible design
  • Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles with up to 22 kW per charging point
  • Low installation effort due to optional TAB-compliant house junction box and meter measuring field
  • Authentication via RFID cards, app or QR code.
  • Legally compliant billing due to compliance with calibration law
  • Contactless payment with HecPay terminal
  • Integrated dynamic load management (DLM)
  • Individualisable foiling in customer design

Amperfied Wallbox

with MID meter and optional load management. Ideal for billing the company car

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • Integrated MID counter for precise recording of charging consumption
  • Exportable charging log
  • Mobile control via the myAMPERFIED app – click here for the app
  • Authorisation via RFID
  • Web interface for additional configuration, control and monitoring
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System possible
  • optional with load management

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

The load management solution

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • With local and dynamic load management (with Combox Lite + Complete) for up to 16 wallboxes
  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Attractive design with stainless steel front
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System (HEMS) possible



  • Networks up to 16 wallboxes (Heidelberg Energy Controls) and controls local and dynamic load management (with Combox Complete)
  • When connected to a backend (via OCPP 1.6), it has a web interface for monitoring and analysing the wallboxes, charging processes (remote) and diagnostic data
  • Central installation of software updates for the connected wallbox network

Good reasons for

Charging solutions in hotel and gastronomy

Electromobility is a growth market

In 2022, over 618,500 electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in Germany and this despite economically unsound conditions. Among them the supply bottlenecks for semiconductors and wiring harnesses due to the Ukraine conflict.

Let’s combine this with the following facts:

  • In Germany alone, „hotel with charging station“ for electric cars in various variations is searched for several thousand times a month.
  • For 85 percent of e-car drivers, the charging option plays a major role when choosing a hotel.

  • Many restaurants are already aware of the potential of the „electric car driver“ guest segment. This is shown by a study of 1,500 restaurants along German motorways.
  • A TÜV Mobility study shows that every:r fourth German citizen:in can imagine an electric car as their next vehicle.
  • From 2025 onwards, parking spaces must be equipped with conduits for electric cables when constructing and renovating new and existing buildings. For new buildings, the obligation applies from six parking spaces. At least three of the parking spaces must be prepared.

    For existing commercial property, every fifth parking space must be prepared if the building has more than ten parking spaces. In addition, at least one charging point must be installed. Every commercial property with more than twenty parking spaces must have at least one charging station from 2025 onwards.

The advantages of charging stations for hotels and the catering industry

  • Lucrative and growing guest segment: Drivers:inside of electric vehicles are not only keen to travel, but also attach particular importance to the availability of a charging infrastructure at the hotel or restaurant.
  • Positive reviews: They provide additional service. Your guests will thank you on relevant platforms.
  • Listed on maps of public charging points: If your restaurant or hotel offers charging infrastructure, you will also benefit from this.
  • Incentives for guests without an overnight stay: for example, to use your hotel restaurant or meeting rooms.
  • Making cash: As a commercial charging point operator, this works with GHG quota trading.
  • They present themselves as future-proof and advocate for sustainable mobility.

What about subsidies?

While the nationwide subsidies in Germany for commercial wallboxes have expired, it is not likely to stay that way. Munich, for example, has already adopted another subsidy programme from 01.04.2023.

We will of course advise you fully on this topic as well and find the right subsidy for your application.

Individual branding for more brand touchpoints

All our charging solutions can be equipped with individual front screens. Add a very special touch with your branding on the wallbox windscreen. Have we aroused your interest?


We have taken great care in compiling the contents. Nevertheless, errors can creep in. All information is therefore without guarantee.

Whitepaper load management

How to create the ideal charging solution for hotels and restaurants

For an efficient and economical hotel charging infrastructure, you need load management. In the white paper we explain why.

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