Wallbox charging solutions for installers

As an electric installation company or electrician, you are in touch with your target group: future HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED customers. We want to provide you with maximum support with our reliable services and clever wallboxes. Become our trade partner and multiplier for future-proof charging solutions.
Our service portfolio? Includes everything from the right wallbox hardware to the complete full-service package including software tools. The wallbox installation itself is extremely straightforward.

Services for trade partners

It doesn’t matter if you purchase our wallboxes wholesale or directly from us – as our trade partner, you can expect these services:

Extensive webinars and training sessions
So that your customers are well advised and can install the wallboxes quickly and easily.
Support during sale and installation
For example, by advising major clients during the design of an e-fleet management.
Downloads and important files
are available to you at all times, and you can access them easily in our portal.
are available to you at all times. Including consulting about subsidy programmes.

Do you want to purchase our wallboxes wholesale?

Do you want to purchase our wallboxes wholesale?

To the supply sources

Our wallbox checklist

for electricians:

You should have clarified your customers’ most important questions before the installation. Therefore, the following items must be included in every checklist:

  1. Check 1: Living situation
    Does the customer live in a house, in a rental unit or in a freehold flat? Depending on the living situation, different legal guidelines must be followed. In principle, thanks to the new German Home Ownership Modernisation Act, everyone has the right to install a private wallbox. This also applies to renters.
  2. Check 2: Installation site
    Where exactly should the wallbox be installed? In the carport outside? It makes sense to check the condition, the load-bearing capacity and the thickness of the wall. Even if an e-charging station is to be installed, in this case the substrate must be prepared appropriately (e.g. concrete foundation).
  3. Check 3: Electricity infrastructure
    Is a power connection present on site – or does one have to be laboriously installed first? Of course this will also affect your calculation. Is there a three-phase current connection with 400 volts? Then a charging capacity of 11 kW can be achieved with 16 amperes. An increase to 32 amperes allows for a charging capacity of 22 kW.
  4. Check 4: Charging capacity and charging time
    3.7 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW wallbox? The vehicle’s charging capacity also decides the possible wallbox charging capacity and the speed at which the electric or hybrid car should normally be charged. Also good to know: An 11 kW wallbox must only be registered with the responsible network operator, while a 22 kW wallbox requires a more extensive approval.
  5. Check 5: Charging points
    Also clarify in advance how many charging points the customer would like to use and how many vehicles are to be charged at the same time. In this case, also address the local load management. This is especially recommended if more than one vehicle is to be charged at the same time.
  6. Check 6: Additional functions
    Additional features are more and more in demand, particularly when smart charging is involved. One example is separate electricity meters or special billing systems. There is also increasing demand for control of the wallbox via LAN or WLAN or a user authorisation by key card, charge app or RFID card. We also have the right solution for this.



  • Always the easiest, fastest installation
  • Ease of use
  • Maximum freedom from maintenance
  • Everything from a single source


  • Always the best charging capacity
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Durable quality made in Germany


  • Smart technology and control via apps
  • Environmentally friendly/CO2 neutral
  • Proven and tested 1000 times over
  • Optimal solution for every application case

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