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Charging solutions for apartment buildings

As a real estate company, project developer or property manager, you can invest in an e-mobile future with us. We have the right charging solutions for new buildings and existing residential properties.


For your residential charging infrastructure

Needs analysis to define the common goals for a successful project.
Performability analysis on site to evaluate the technical requirements.
Project conception & installation including compilation of service components.
Complete operational management via us, transparent communication of all relevant data.
Service & Support including annual DGUV V3 maintenance inspection.

Our products

Amperfied Wallbox connect.business

with MID meter and optional load management. Ideal for billing the company car

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • Integrated MID counter for precise recording of charging consumption
  • Exportable charging log
  • Mobile control via the myAMPERFIED app – click here for the app
  • Authorisation via RFID
  • Web interface for additional configuration, control and monitoring
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System possible
  • optional with load management

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

The load management solution

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • With local and dynamic load management (with Combox Lite + Complete) for up to 16 wallboxes
  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Attractive design with stainless steel front
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System (HEMS) possible



  • Networks up to 16 wallboxes (Heidelberg Energy Controls) and controls local and dynamic load management (with Combox Complete)
  • When connected to a backend (via OCPP 1.6), it has a web interface for monitoring and analysing the wallboxes, charging processes (remote) and diagnostic data
  • Central installation of software updates for the connected wallbox network

Advantages, german legal situation, requirements

Things to know about the charging infrastructure for electromobility in residential buildings

Electromobility in Germany is on the rise. Despite prejudices that still persist, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, over 618,500 electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in Germany in 2022.

For comparison: in 2012, there were only 4,500. Moreover, one in four German citizens can imagine purchasing an electric car as their next vehicle. This, in turn, was the result of a TÜV Mobility study conducted in 2022.

The German government’s current goal? To increase the number of electric cars to 15 million by 2030.

For flat owners, the need to implement efficient charging infrastructures for electric and hybrid vehicles has not only arisen since the new WEG law.

The advantages for property owners

Wallboxes not only offer advantages to tenants. Landlords and often the entire homeowners‘ association also benefit from the installation of a charging station.

  • A future-proof charging infrastructure increases the value of your property.
  • You present yourself in a contemporary way and position yourself as an attractive residential provider for all owners of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • You enable residents to charge their electric and hybrid vehicles simultaneously and in an energy- and time-efficient manner.

The advantages for tenants

The advantages are obvious. Tenants can easily charge their electric or hybrid vehicles. This is a big plus for real estate, since 44 per cent of respondents to the TÜV Mobility Study said that the low availability of charging stations is a problem for the future of electromobility.

Tenants should be particularly pleased that there is enough electricity available and that they do not have to worry about downtimes. This is ensured by our charging solutions with static or dynamic load management, which distribute the charging current to several vehicles according to demand. The charging speeds are also convincing with an optimal charging power of 11 kW. In our blog, Christian from Amperfied explains why 11 kW wallboxes are completely sufficient.

WEG law for more charging infrastructure in residential buildings

The new Residential Property Modernisation Act (WEG) has been in force since 1 December 2020. It has significantly lowered the hurdles for private charging stations for electric and hybrid cars.

Condominium owners can demand that the installation of the charging station be approved by the condominium owners‘ association. They cannot refuse the request, but can, for example, only influence which company does the work.

Tenants are also entitled to a charging station for their parking space. Landlords can only refuse the installation for justified reasons. This includes, for example, the protection of historical monuments.

Want to find out more? Here Christian from Amperfied takes a closer look at the topic.

But the National Guidance Centre for Charging Infrastructure has also summarised useful tips in its guide.

Charging stations compulsory from 2025 for all properties

In the future, charging stations will also be an integral part of the construction and renovation of real estate. This is regulated by the Building and Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG).

It was passed by the German Bundestag on 11 February 2021. The Bundesrat approved the draft law on 05 March 2021. It regulates the expansion of the line and charging infrastructure in commercial and residential properties.

The following regulations apply to residential buildings.

  • New residential buildings: Does the building have more than five parking spaces? Then each parking space must be equipped with protective conduits for electric cables.
  • Existing residential buildings: If a building with more than ten parking spaces is being renovated, every fifth parking space must be prepared.

Personalise your wallbox

You want to customise your charging solution? With our Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control, you can easily exchange the front panel and replace it with a personalised variant.

Our charging station Amperfied Chargespot connect.public, on the other hand, can be custom-foiled.

Sounds good? We think so too.


Although the previous federal KfW funding has actually expired, the political commitment to sustainable mobility is likely to lead to further funding offers. But the political commitment to sustainable mobility will probably lead to further funding offers.

In general, the topic is quite opaque and requires thorough research in order not to miss good opportunities. Even now, there are still isolated subsidies at the state level or under certain conditions, for example for owners of PV systems.

Thorough research and competent advice on possible subsidies are an essential part of our full-service offer.


We have taken great care in compiling the contents. Nevertheless, errors can creep in. All information is therefore without guarantee.


Load management

For an efficient charging infrastructure that is economical, you need load management. In the white paper we explain why.

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