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Supermarkets, boutiques, shopping centres and commercial enterprises take note: Give your customers the power for their electric car or hybrid vehicle while they shop. You’ll be ahead of the game in terms of both image and the environment. With simple plug-and-play solutions or modular expandable models, we offer the right charging infrastructure for every need. At the same time, we provide advice and support to make your journey into the future of electromobility as pleasant and successful as possible.


For the charging infrastructure of tradespeople

Needs analysis to define the common goals for a successful project.
Performability analysis on site to evaluate the technical requirements.
Project conception & installation including compilation of service components.
Complete operational management via us, transparent communication of all relevant data.
Service & Support including annual DGUV V3 maintenance inspection.

Our products

Amperfied Chargespot connect.public

The barrier-free charging pole for public and semi-public spaces

  • Accessible design
  • Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles with up to 22 kW per charging point
  • Low installation effort due to optional TAB-compliant house junction box and meter measuring field
  • Authentication via RFID cards, app or QR code.
  • Legally compliant billing due to compliance with calibration law
  • Contactless payment with HecPay terminal
  • Integrated dynamic load management (DLM)
  • Individualisable foiling in customer design

Amperfied Wallbox

With MID meter and optional load management. Ideal for billing the company car

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • Integrated MID counter for precise recording of charging consumption
  • Exportable charging log
  • Mobile control via the myAMPERFIED app – click here for the app
  • Authorisation via RFID
  • Web interface for additional configuration, control and monitoring
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System possible
  • optional with load management

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

The load management solution

  • Charging power: 11 kW
  • With local and dynamic load management (with Combox Lite + Complete) for up to 16 wallboxes
  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Attractive design with stainless steel front
  • Connection to Home Energy Management System (HEMS) possible



  • Networks up to 16 wallboxes (Heidelberg Energy Controls) and controls local and dynamic load management (with Combox Complete)
  • When connected to a backend (via OCPP 1.6), it has a web interface for monitoring and analysing the wallboxes, charging processes (remote) and diagnostic data
  • Central installation of software updates for the connected wallbox network

More electric vehicles?

More charging stations & wallboxes for businesses

Electromobility is on the rise

In 2022, more than 618,500 electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in Germany. That is 614,000 more vehicles than in 2012.

The federal government’s current goal? To increase the number of electric cars to 15 million by 2030. But of course, consumers have to join in.

But despite reservations that still persist, market research institutes forecast further growth, because:

  • delivery is improving: the year’s figures only represent what manufacturers were able to deliver. But due to the Ukraine conflict, semiconductor and wiring harness shortages caused massive production downtime. These problems have largely resolved and the change in China’s zero-covid policy should also provide relief.
  • the order books are full: manufacturers report that orders will fill production to capacity by autumn 2023.
  • the subsidies continue: Yes, the federal subsidies for commercial wallboxes have actually expired. But in order to meet the CO₂ targets, it is not likely to stay that way. Munich, for example, has already launched another subsidy programme from 01.04.2023.
  • E-vehicle owners have an advantage in terms of taxation: the reduced company car tax continues to apply to purely electric vehicles, as does the exemption from vehicle tax. The GHG quota is certainly also attractive. At this point, we would like to refer to our cooperation with „Geld für eAuto“, because here you can earn €250.
  • The electric vehicle is cheaper to maintain: Can this be true with the increased electricity prices? Yes, as seen in this example calculation.
  • Surveys show a still growing acceptance: Every:r fourth German citizen:in can imagine purchasing an electric car as their next vehicle. This, in turn, was the result of a TÜV Mobility Study of the year 2022.

The advantages for your business

With the advance of electric mobility, you can gain a competitive edge:

  • You offer service even before guests enter your trade. This way, the experience already starts in the car park and your company will always be well remembered in terms of image.
  • You can increase your turnover. Customers with electric vehicles are likely to stay longer in your store to charge their cars. As a result, they are potentially more willing to use more products or services during this time. With 11-kW or 22-kW charging power, the length of stay for a full battery varies between 2 and 4.5 hours.
  • You present yourself as a sustainable company. In times of increasing awareness towards the challenges in climate protection, you send a positive signal.
  • You stand out from the competition that does not offer charging options. In this way, you attract new guests who are happy about the charging options for their electric or hybrid vehicle.

HecPay: Contactless and secure payment

With HecPay, we have created an attractive option for our charging station to make the charging experience even more convenient. With HecPay, your customers can pay for their charging processes cashlessly by credit or debit card as well as mobile payment. The large touch display, a physical pinpad and a digital receipt output allow intuitive and convenient operation.

What’s more: You can look forward to low investment and operating costs, because a single HecPay terminal controls any number of charging points. The sturdy housing and robust touch display also allow reliable use outdoors.

HecPay supports common OCPP backends and can be easily integrated into existing charging infrastructure. All HecPay terminals are managed and controlled via a modern SaaS solution.

Individual branding on your charging solution

Both our Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control and our charging pole Amperfied Chargespot connect.public can be individually designed.

Use your branding on the front panel of the wallbox or individual foiling on the charging pole to give your charging infrastructure a very special touch and expand your brand touchpoints. Have we caught your interest? Then we look forward to receiving your contact request.

Subsidies for trade and commerce

Are you looking for funding campaigns for your charging infrastructure? Although the nationwide KfW subsidies for companies have expired, it will probably not stop there.

We are monitoring developments very closely and even today certain subsidies are possible under certain conditions. As a reliable partner, we will of course support you here as well.


We have taken great care in compiling the contents. Nevertheless, errors can creep in. All information is therefore without guarantee.

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