Wallbox charging solutions for trade and commerce

With supermarkets, boutiques, shopping centres, trading companies in mind: Give your customers electricity for their electric cars or hybrid vehicles while they are shopping. In this way you are one step ahead in terms of image and with regard to the environment. AMPERFIED offers you modern e-charging stations and wallboxes, which can be used conveniently via an RFID card – provided with your company logo – or operated with the myAMPERFIED app. Do you want to install multiple wallboxes at your location? You can now charge even more efficiently with our clever load management.

Our services

for trade and commerce

Wallboxes and charging stations
Easy mounting and installation according
to the plug-and-play principle
Intelligent control via Combox
Load manage­ment
Local load management already from two networked wallboxes
Individual concepts, mediation of installation partners plus consultation about subsidy programmes


load management

Clever load management for multiple parking spaces and vehicles at an affordable price? The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control makes it possible. Thanks to local load management, multiple networked wallboxes distribute the charging current to up to 16 hybrid or electric vehicles – fully automatically. Your benefit? Fast, precise charging.

As soon as an electric or hybrid vehicle is fully charged, it continues, if necessary, to be supplied with sufficient electricity, for example to keep the standard heating or air conditioning running. The current that has been freed flows into the batteries of the other vehicles.

Example of 22 kW for 5 wallboxes

Example of 22 kW for 5 wallboxes – management when the charging process ends

Does local load management for wallboxes and charging stations make sense?
Absolutely! Because the enormous demand for electric vehicles will also grow in the future. It is problematic that the electrical infrastructure of a majority of buildings is often not designed for high charging outputs. Therefore overloads occur quickly in the power grid and your electrical installation. The result is rising peak loads and electricity costs. The solution? HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED’s clever load management, which distributes electricity optimally and accurately – starting from just two charging points.

With subsidies for your own

electricity charging station

Secure your commercial subsidy for charging stations
For example with KfW Subsidy 441

The German Federal Ministry of Transport supports the development of a charging infrastructure for commercial parking spaces and e-charging stations with a maximum grant of 45,000 euros per company location.

The requirements for a KfW subsidy:

  • Purchase and installation of a stationary, intelligent charging station exclusively for commercial use – including the electrical connection.
  • The charging station must not be publicly accessible.
  • The electricity must be obtained from renewable energies.
  • The minimum use must amount to 6 years.

The following services can be subsidised:

  • Charging station up to 22 kW
  • Load management system.
  • Electrical connection and battery storage systems.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Technical and construction measures at the network connection point and on the building.
  • Possibly necessary modernisation measures of the building electricity system or telecommunications connection.

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